The Tale of the Arab Spring Break

In 2011, Chris Jeon was a 21-year old UCLA student from an affluent Orange County neighborhood. A brilliant student and dedicated mathematics major, Chris had his eyes set on a lucrative summer internship at the largest asset management firm in the world – a position that would catapult him into the career in finance that he had always dreamed of. But by the end of the summer, Chris would find himself not sitting in a cubicle, but fighting alongside Libyan rebels in their revolution against Muammar Gaddafi.

This is the story of one of the most epic and unlikely summer breaks ever.

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The Most Epic Movie Speeches

Like Lincoln himself, we here at *AT* love great orators – especially the fake ones from movies. These speeches represent some of the greatest and most memorable moments in movie history that Hollywood writers can offer. And while this list is by no means comprehensive, hopefully you’ll agree that they are among the most chillingly awesome out there.

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