The Business of Flag Burning

It seems like on a daily basis, a handful of news networks will always spend at least a brief moment talking about protests happening around the world. More times than not, these protests are in North Africa, the Middle East, or Asia and involve the burning of American flags. The question I’ve posed before is, where do they get all these flags? Sure, some are probably hand-made, but given the massive volume that are burned on a daily basis, there must be an American flag shop somewhere. Well, it turns out I was right: flag burning has turned into a massive business.

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The Man Who Brought Down a Bank

The other night, I watched a movie called “Rogue Trader” based on an autobiography written by a man named Nick Leeson. If you were born in the late 80’s or early 90’s, you probably don’t remember him; however, to people of an older generation, he was infamously remembered as the man whose actions single-handedly brought down the oldest bank in the world.

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How Much Did Apple Just Make From Your Fancy New iPhone?

The short answer? A LOT. While you were crying with happiness over your brand-new hipster machine (and by you, I mean me), Tim Cook was sitting in his Cupertino spaceship imagining your teardrops turning into green portraits of Ben Franklin.

Alright, so that may have been a little dramatic…nevertheless, the iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most popular and desired electronics ever to be invented, and they are truly fantastic – except for that whole “maps of doom” issue. So how much does Apple make every time you pony up for the newest iPhone? I bet that you the numbers…will SHOCK you :O

Note: Apple does not disclose its costs or profit margins on a product-by-product basis; therefore, most of the figures and analysis explained below is estimated based on inferred data and some guesses made by people much nerdier (and much smarter) than I am.

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