Kayaking with Great White Sharks

When this picture was first published in Africa Geographic, it set of a media firestorm; hundreds of letters and e-mails demanded to know if – and how – it was faked. Amazingly, it was not. The picture was taken by marine biologist Thomas Peschak when a a great white shark began to exhibit curiosity about a kayak inhabited by fellow marine biologist Trey Snow – and his explanation of the photograph’s circumstances are truly fascinating.

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Hotels at the Edge of the World

Want to get away? These hotels will help you do that. In fact, they will get you away from almost everything – not just people, towns, and traffic, but also any luxury of the modern world. Still, if you desire serenity and a one-of-a-kind experience, think about taking a trip to stay at some of these hotels on the edge of the world.

Longitude 131°, Australia

Situated close to the famous landmark Ayers Rock in the middle of the Australian Outback, Longitude 131° is one of the most unique experiences available to outdoor enthusiasts and travelers alike. It is accessible only be a three to four hour flight from Sydney, Perth, or Cairns, followed by a four-wheel drive to the property. Comprised of 15 bungalow-like huts and a main pool-side building, this destination resort offers luxury dining under the stars, camel riding, and even private Harley tours.

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