Save the World…Drink Heineken

In the long history of human construction, almost every type of material imaginable has been used to build things. After all, you only need to find something that will hold its shape and support weight to make a building with it. The Romans would often embed empty vases into concrete to both reduce the weight of taller portions of structures as well as to take up space and use less concrete. But imagine building an entire house, village, or city out of bottles: crazy, right? To Alfred Heineken, this idea had the potential to change the world. Enter the Heinekin WOBO.

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North Korea at Night

The North Korean capital of Pyongyang is the only significant source of light in the entire country, paling in comparison to the South Korean metropolis of Seoul located only 120 miles away. You would be hard pressed to find two other nations anywhere in the world that are ethnically similar and yet so incredibly disparate in every other way.

Norton I, Emperor of the United States

On September 17th, 1859, several newspapers in the San Francisco Bay area received letters from a man named Joshua Norton. Enclosed was a declaration that he, at the request of a large majority of the citizens of the United States, was declaring himself to be Norton I, Emperor of the United States. In fact, he was just an ordinary man determined to become something more bold than anything he had ever known. In the process, he became undoubtedly the coolest homeless person ever.

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