The Gold Star Mothers Club

For those who have never been involved in sending a close friend or relative off to war, it is hard to imagine the myriad of emotions experienced on a daily basis – a mixture of pride and anguish that will never leave a parent, sibiling, or spouse until their warrior comes home. As a reservist myself, I cringe to think of the effect that a deployment would have on my parents. Fortunately, the culture surrounding military families provides for the single greatest support system that could exist around such a massive organization.

But on this day, we remember those who never came home as well as the families they left behind.

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Why the Attack on Pearl Harbor Was a Strategic Failure

71 years ago today, America awoke to war. Japanese air and naval forces launched a surprise attack on the base of our Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in a brazen attempt to cripple our ability to wage war in the Pacific and to force us to stay out of the war for good. However, despite the loss of thousands of lives, nearly two dozen warships, and hundreds of aircraft, America entered the war with furious resolve and forced a Japanese surrender within four years. So why was the attack on Pearl failure? Below are just of few of the many reasons, some of which were taken directly from the writings of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the commander of all American naval forces in the Pacific during WWII.

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