Abe’s Faves: Four Soul Songs to Start Your Day Feeling Like One Bad Motha’ **Shutyomouth!!**

These songs are all meant to put some pep in your step to start the day.  They inspire confidence and purpose, make you feel like nothing is going to stop you, and just give you an overall sense of bad-ass-ness.

1. Trouble Man – Marvin Gaye

If catch-phrases had theme songs, this would undoubtedly have to accompany “Don’t let the smooth taste fool you!”  When I hear this song, I imagine a coooooooool looking dude in a suit gliding down the street.  And that suit is NOT meant to be trifled with, because it has seen some things.  Marvin Gaye is best known for his tender love ballads and socially conscious soul standards, but this often overlooked gem gives us a glimpse at the tougher side of the Prince of Motown.  He had a disturbing upbringing (to say the least), and lied his way out of the military on his way to achieving fame and the status of a music legend.  The man did what he had to do though, and trouble was not going to get in his way.

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