Largest Weapons of War – USS Theodore Roosevelt

One of the lesser-known trademarks of Abraham Lincoln is how deeply involved he was in the Civil War that was occurring during his time in office. Every President must attend to the politics and economics behind a war effort, but few have ever been so committed to the actual execution of the war as President Lincoln. One of the most famous anecdotes about his administration was that he would spend many hours of every day in the telegraph room at the War Department, working in seclusion while waiting for news from the battlefield. This series, Abe’s War Room, pays tribute to those efforts.

If there is one thing about military weapons that has become clear over the last 100 years, it is that bigger is better. And while conventional military thought has moved in the direction of lethality and efficiency, this has not stopped the major military powers of the world from building absurdly large vehicles and weapons pretty much because they can. Follow the break to read about the largest warship ever.

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Shooting a Giant Squid

Giant Squids, Minotaurs, and Bigfoot are all creatures that were a myth at one time or another. The difference between them, however, is that we know one exists, we know that one doesn’t, and we aren’t so sure about the third. Humans have given hundreds of amazing creatures places in our myths and legends since the beginning of oral history – many of which are believed to be real. In this series, we look at some of the origins and theories surrounding some of the most fantastic of these creatures.

A team of Japanese scientists has recently captured a live giant squid on film in its natural habitat for the first time in history.  Per a CNN report, “the mission that finally tracked down the creature involved 55 dives in two special submersible vehicles that spent a total of more than 285 hours far beneath the waves. Some of the dives went deeper than 3,000 feet.”  The 10-foot squid was finally found off the coast of Japan.  While this is a relatively small giant squid (they can reach 44 feet in length), this is a momentous scientific discovery – the Giant Squid is one of the most storied and evasive sea creatures in history.   Continue reading