Largest Weapons of War – USS Theodore Roosevelt

One of the lesser-known trademarks of Abraham Lincoln is how deeply involved he was in the Civil War that was occurring during his time in office. Every President must attend to the politics and economics behind a war effort, but few have ever been so committed to the actual execution of the war as President Lincoln. One of the most famous anecdotes about his administration was that he would spend many hours of every day in the telegraph room at the War Department, working in seclusion while waiting for news from the battlefield. This series, Abe’s War Room, pays tribute to those efforts.

If there is one thing about military weapons that has become clear over the last 100 years, it is that bigger is better. And while conventional military thought has moved in the direction of lethality and efficiency, this has not stopped the major military powers of the world from building absurdly large vehicles and weapons pretty much because they can. Follow the break to read about the largest warship ever.

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The Overturning Boat

Most of the time, a capsizing ship is a bad thing. Even listing to one side can be dangerous if done at too steep of an angle. However, for at least one ship, a 90 degree change in orientation is essential to its function. Meet the Office of Naval Research’s RP FLIP or FLIP Research Vessel (Floating Instrument Platform).

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Army and Navy’s Newest Uniforms

Tomorrow, future officers in the United States Army and Navy will debut newly-designed uniforms for one of the most intense battles in American history – although this one will be fought on a different type of battlefield.

The slick lines, the shining black and gold, and the proud symbols of the finest ground fighting force in the world: all of them boldly say “we know who we are, and we are coming for you.” Tomorrow, on December 8th, the 113th Army-Navy game will kick off at Lincoln Financial Field. Both teams will be sporting new uniforms designed by the ridiculously talented people at Nike. While I am admittedly biased towards the ground-pounders, the Army uniforms are by far some of the coolest things I have ever seen been made for the gridiron. But first, a little background on this historic rivalry.

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