Successful Failures – Steve Jobs

This is part three of a series by *AT* contributor Emily Thomas. When we think about people whose lives we would like to closely emulate, more often than not we think of people who have accomplished great things and led successful lives. However, not everyone who is on top has experienced success after success, and some of the most memorable people in history have faced great obstacles to reach their full potential. Not only is this list informative, but it serves as a great self-esteem booster for any time you are feeling as though you can’t strive to become the next Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, or Steve Jobs.

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NYC Mayor Blames Steve Jobs for Crime

Billionaire, philanthropist, and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has a new theory about the recent crime wave that has hit the city: the iDevice. In other words, the Big Apple is blaming Apple. How’s that for irony! Is this a credible claim though? Well, as I explain below, sort of.

Note: He didn’t actually blame Steve Jobs himself, I took some dramatic license there.

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How Much Did Apple Just Make From Your Fancy New iPhone?

The short answer? A LOT. While you were crying with happiness over your brand-new hipster machine (and by you, I mean me), Tim Cook was sitting in his Cupertino spaceship imagining your teardrops turning into green portraits of Ben Franklin.

Alright, so that may have been a little dramatic…nevertheless, the iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most popular and desired electronics ever to be invented, and they are truly fantastic – except for that whole “maps of doom” issue. So how much does Apple make every time you pony up for the newest iPhone? I bet that you the numbers…will SHOCK you :O

Note: Apple does not disclose its costs or profit margins on a product-by-product basis; therefore, most of the figures and analysis explained below is estimated based on inferred data and some guesses made by people much nerdier (and much smarter) than I am.

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