Disney Loved Orphans… or He Hated Mothers

One of the many wonders of get-togethers with extended family is that you never know what you might end up talking about, and often times the most random conversation in the world ends up bubbling up at one point or another.  I am happy to report that such a thing happened to me during my family’s Christmas in April celebration.  Somehow, we had a conversation that started out talking about God knows what, then morphed to a conversation about The Land Before Time movies from the late 80s/early 90s, and by the grace of baby Jesus stumbled upon my aunt awesomely posing the question – “Have any of you noticed how the princesses in Disney movies NEVER have mothers?” Continue reading

The Most Epic Movie Speeches

Like Lincoln himself, we here at *AT* love great orators – especially the fake ones from movies. These speeches represent some of the greatest and most memorable moments in movie history that Hollywood writers can offer. And while this list is by no means comprehensive, hopefully you’ll agree that they are among the most chillingly awesome out there.

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12 Days of Christmas: The Santa-Burglar Paradox

From time to time, we here at Abraham Thinkin’ will post columns from guest writers. If you have an idea for a story, have something that has been on your mind, or just want to chat us up, feel free to contact us about getting on the blog.

On the Third Day of Christmas, we bring you our first post from a guest columnist.  As you can see as you read his rant, he can be quite cranky, but he makes quite a valid point.  We all love Christmas movies because they are magical in a way that no other movies can replicate.  Because of this, we may be more inclined to look over some large logical flaws in these movies.  However, our own South Pole Elf has been bothered by this particular flaw for far too long, and he can stay silent no longer.  Enjoy!

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