When America Stopped Dreaming

The Power of Heroes

What is the great honor that can be given to a human being? Titles come to mind: in the United States it may be President. In Europe, it may be Prime Minister, or even King or Queen. In the ancient world, it may have been Emperor, Pharoah, Sultan, or Prophet. But across all eras and cultures, there is one title that sets one above all else. It is earned by nothing short of a blessed deed done during a defining moment. And that, my friends, is the title of hero.

It is gained in battle and in politics, in science and in sports, in everyday life and sometimes even in death. It is a title bestowed upon many throughout history, some of whom despise the fame and expectations that it creates…but in reality, there are few who truly deserve the name. After all, there are deeds that are extraordinary – and there are deeds that are legendary. In this series, I try to separate those heroes that stand out from the rest.

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