12 Days of Christmas: The Christmas Pickle

It cannot be overstated how much we at Abraham Thinkin’ love Christmas. Truly, any superlative to describe a person’s enthusiasm is applicable to our Christmas Spirit, and it probably still falls short of effectively capturing the level of our Holiday Cheer. As we all know by now, the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to sing loud for all to hear. Fortunately for you all, we cannot sing Christmas Carols to you through the computer, so instead, we are going to do what we think is the next best thing. Every day between now and Christmas Day, we will post something related to Christmas, including Christmas Traditions, Stories of Christmas Lore; some of Abe’s Christmas Faves, and much much more.

We love odd things.  They make us laugh, shake our heads, scratch our chins, and wonder… how high and/or drunk were you when you came up with that??  In this case, I think someone was well in to their tenth cup of wassail or nog when they came up with this doozy.  Ladies and gents, on the Fifth Day of Christmas, we present to you the Christmas Pickle…

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