Maybe the Funniest “News” Article I Have Ever Read

This will be you after reading this story. Especially if you try reading it aloud to someone.

I am just passing this along because tears were literally dripping down my cheeks trying to read this out loud to someone the other night.  I apologize if anyone is offended by the somewhat lewd content, but it is just too funny to keep to myself.  Apparently, a man in Delaware never watches TV or completely ignores Cialis/Viagra commercials, and was thus completely unaware that erections lasting longer than 4 hours are a problem… so he finally got the clue after 8 months.  After 8 freaking months of being at full salute, he decided something was up and that it was time to pony up for a lawsuit.

It’s so hilarious and yet so stupid, even great fiction writers would not make this up.  Do yourself a favor and read on…

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Eradicating Mother Nature

In the past 100 years, the average life expectancy of a human has nearly doubled. There many factors that have allowed this to happen, such as improvements in sanitation, better knowledge of nutrition, and general advances in medical technology, but one of the largest factors has undoubtedly been our concerted effort to eradicate some of the most deadliest diseases on Earth. To date there have been eight diseases targeted for eradication; two of those programs have been successful, two are ongoing, and the remaining four have been abandoned. But with greater technology and resources being devoted to eradication efforts every day, we could soon live in a disease-free future.

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