The Bar (And Not the Good Kind)

The primary goal of our blog is to spread knowledge – not only deep historical knowledge or facts surrounding current events that have become somewhat muddled, but also random, everyday knowledge; knowledge about the kind of things that make you wonder “Huh, I  wonder where that came from.”  During Abe’s Etymology Hour, that is the sort of question we will attempt to answer. Etymology is the study of the origin of words and their development throughout history. We are particularly fascinated with words, and constantly find ourselves wondering where a word or phrase came from.  However, this  piece will not be limited to words – it will look into the origins of a plethora of everyday practices, items, habits, you name it!  If you have any ideas for us, leave us a comment and we will write a piece about it.

Today, we will actually focus on a word, as opposed to our first etymology hour.  We wanted to know how “Bar” came to be associated with the legal profession.  Knowing lawyers and their tendencies, we assumed that it had something to do with the consumption of barrels of Scotch.  Sadly, at least for entertainment’s sake, we were wrong. Continue reading