Diamond Encrusted Everything!!

We live in an age of habitual line-steppers and one-uppers.  Bigger, better, more, crazier, more creative, so on and so forth.  Despite what my tone may suggest, most of the time the result is pretty freaking awesome.  Recent history gives us a few cases in point: The renewed battle to build the world’s tallest skyscraper between the US, China, Dubai; The space race between the US and the Soviets; and the pissing contest between Paul Allen, Larry Ellison and other billionaires to build the world’s coolest/largest yacht.  The topic of this post is no different – some habitual line steppers have really outdone themselves here.  So without further ado, we give to you the five most over-the-top diamond encrusted items in the world (as if diamond encrusted anything wasn’t over the top already…)

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Save the World…Drink Heineken

In the long history of human construction, almost every type of material imaginable has been used to build things. After all, you only need to find something that will hold its shape and support weight to make a building with it. The Romans would often embed empty vases into concrete to both reduce the weight of taller portions of structures as well as to take up space and use less concrete. But imagine building an entire house, village, or city out of bottles: crazy, right? To Alfred Heineken, this idea had the potential to change the world. Enter the Heinekin WOBO.

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Twitter Crashed the Stock Market

I love days when the stock market is up. It generally means that something good is happening in the world, and that people are making money. Today was one of those days; the Dow Jones Industrial Average, one of the three main American indexes used to judge the health of the stock market, was up about 1% this morning. Then, a Twitter message sent to millions of users caused what is known as a flash-crash as people around the world saw what they thought may have been one of the most shocking news stories in a decade.

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The Science of Debt Repayment

If you live in America, you are probably in debt. Whether it be credit cards, car loans, students loans, a mortgage, or one of the multitudes of other ways of obtaining credit, somebody probably gave you money to buy something that you wanted now instead of waiting to save up the cash to do so. It is so useful – even essential – to the lives of many, yet it can also get you into serious trouble. However, if you can be responsible with credit, it can enable you to obtain social and economic security with very little long-term financial consequences. Here are some of the most basic ways to manage your cash and debt without going underwater.

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Starbucks Hates America

DISCLAIMER: They actually don’t.

But gullible people on Facebook would have you think so! My dislike for fake stories that circulate on Facebook is well documented, and I feel like I have been bombarded with this particular one lately. Not only can I not believe how many people fall for it, but I can’t believe that it is still circulating after so many years. So my friends, I am going to take a little time to explain why this, as well as many other stories on Facebook, is not true. If you haven’t had the misfortune of seeing this story on your news feed, then follow the break to learn what I am ranting about referring to…

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Stores and Bars Can Rob You Too

Let’s face it: credit and debit cards are a godsend. They’re safe, convenient, and offer you instant access to either cash in your account or what is basically an instant revolving loan. But few people actually know that there is extra money that changes hands several times just because you paid with plastic. For example, Visa may charge your bank every time you swipe, which in turn charges the merchant a little bit more; some vendors even pass that cost on to the customer, charging a small fee for credit transactions. As it turns out, there are now quite a few laws that regulate this activity, some of which went into effect just days ago. If you aren’t careful, however, some stores will ignore the laws and charge you pretty much whatever and whenever they want. Here’s what you need to know.

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