The Greatest Bridge That Never Was – Paris’ Trampoline Bridge

We Americans give Frenchies, and Parisians in particular, a fair amount of flak, and mostly deservedly so.  Their au natural ways, ineptitude at war (post-Napoleon of course), obsession with baguettes, and general snobbish disposition rub us the wrong way and make them easy targets.  However, we should also give credit where credit is due – they have gotten A LOT of things right in their time: French food, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre (full of artwork commadiered by Napoleon), baguettes, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and Brigette Bardot.  They also came so close to creating the most awesome bridge in the world – a trampoline bridge over the river Seine.

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Disney Loved Orphans… or He Hated Mothers

One of the many wonders of get-togethers with extended family is that you never know what you might end up talking about, and often times the most random conversation in the world ends up bubbling up at one point or another.  I am happy to report that such a thing happened to me during my family’s Christmas in April celebration.  Somehow, we had a conversation that started out talking about God knows what, then morphed to a conversation about The Land Before Time movies from the late 80s/early 90s, and by the grace of baby Jesus stumbled upon my aunt awesomely posing the question – “Have any of you noticed how the princesses in Disney movies NEVER have mothers?” Continue reading

The Five Colors River

For most of the year Caño Cristales, located in central Colombia, looks like any other nice, pure mountain river flowing with crystal clear cool water over smooth river rocks and brilliant beds of green moss and algae.  Then, for a couple weeks of the year, Caño Cristales turns into undoubtedly one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. During a brief period between the Colombian wet and dry seasons (from Sept. – Nov.), the water level evens off and allows its unique Macarenia Clavigera plant to bloom like gorgeous fields of underwater red roses among golden wheat.  The bloom accentuates the yellows and greens of the algae, moss and sediments on the river bottom and the deep browns and blacks of the river rocks and shelves that have formed over the ages.  The result is an array of colors that looks more like an artistic swirl of Skittles or melted Crayola Crayons than a naturally occurring event below a few feet of river water.  It is truly stunning.

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Belly of the Shark – The Ultimate Battle Dome

I have always been fascinated by sharks.  I must have read the shark Zoobooks at least 100 times as a young’n, and when we would visit family in Hawaii, I would sit and stare with my mouth wide open staring at the sharks at the local aquariums and their massive jagged jaws.  The sleek cold beauty of a shark is simply unmatched in nature.  Due to the ridiculous excitement over Discovery Channel’s Shark Week every year, I don’t think I am the only one with an affinity for these aquatic dinosaurs.  As a result, I think we are all fairly well educated on the crazy biological developments in sharks that make them the ultimate seafaring predator.  However, I recently came across one fact that makes sharks even more badass – baby sharks battle it out in the womb to be the chosen one.

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Take That, Jerry Jones!! The Battle for the Biggest Di…. Uh, Scoreboard in Sports **UPDATED**

A few years ago, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, built a new Cowboys’ Stadium (lovingly referred to as “Jerry World”). Jerry World is an absolute palace of sports and entertainment on a massive scale – the stadium can fit upwards of 100,000 people and cost close to $1 billion to construct. The home of the Cowboys included what is by far the largest screen most people had ever seen. It almost spans the length of the football field, going from 20 yard line to 20 yard line, and even has a “smaller” screen inside it that can drop down for events on a smaller surface, such as basketball, since the large screen dwarfs a basketball court.  This stadium, and the screen in particular, exemplified the spirit of Texas and Jerry Jones himself – Bigger.


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Beer Lovers Unite!

Take heed and heart fellow worshipers of this most glorious of sudsy beverages – beer not only tastes like an elixir of the gods (or demons, depending on your poison), but it also has some fantastic health benefits according to this infogram by our friends at – although I do notice that “beer gut” is auspiciously absent from the benefits.  After all, what lady doesn’t like an man with a healthy beer gut, and how else are we supposed to fill the shopping malls of this country with passable Santa Clauses in December???  Important concerns that demand answers…  Nonetheless, please enjoy this fascinating glimpse in to the world of beer!  Continue reading

Not Otay – The Little Rascals Curse

We love our mysticism and intrigue. Everyone loves to point to curses to explain behavior and why bad things happen to beloved icons. Case in point: The Sports Illustrated and Madden Cover curses are two of the most discussed and most believed-in curses. Whenever someone goes down with an injury, it is that old Madden/SI curse rearing its ugly head again.

So today I have a treat for you – the melding of two of our most loved institutions in this country: The Little Rascals Curse.

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