The World’s Most Unusual Airports

If you have been on more than a few flights in your lifetime then you know how much of a mess some airports can be. Confusing layouts, long security lines, awkward gift shops and restaurants that I wouldn’t eat at for free. Luckily, airports are as varied and diverse as the cities they serve – and some of them are awesome. This list covers neither the good nor the bad but instead some of the most strange.

Don Muang International Airport (Thailand) – Everything seems to be in order here – that is, until you notice the 18-hole golf course between the two main runways. Needless to say, you must have pretty intense focus to hit a good shot through the noise of a 747 landing behind you.

Kansai International Airport (Japan) – Airports built on islands are nothing new, but they usually aren’t three miles away from the coast. This airport just off the coast of Osaka cost $20 billion to build and can easily be seen from space.

Gibraltar International Airport (Gibraltar) – This British territory on the very southern tip of Spain is small. In fact, it’s tiny. Like, 2.6 square miles tiny. Because it is cramped for space, they have to make very efficient use of what they have, which is why they actually have a road crossing the runway. 

Denver International Airport (USA) – Uuuuuh….awkward!

Funchal Airport (Madeira) – Portugal’s small island territory just northwest of Africa is more than 100 times larger than Gibraltar, yet they still only managed to build two runways that were only about a mile long. This is dangerously short for commercial airliners, so a 3,000 ft extension was built going right up to the sea. Well done!


5 thoughts on “The World’s Most Unusual Airports

  1. Bummer, your pictures aren’t showing except the top Gibraltar pic. I spent a summer in Gibraltar about 30 years ago. Shocking how much it has changed!

    • Hmm they seem to be showing up for me. Is anyone else having this problem?

      Also, I really want to go!

      • It was amazing. I lived about halfway up the rock around 750 feet I think. To get to the town, we have to hike down a s shaped track that was so steep my muscles would burn and shake– and I was in pretty good shape back then. Then 337 steps and voila! After 6 weeks I could run up that track!

      • I’m having problems too!

  2. Ok I replaced the images…hopefully it works now!

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