Tibetan Mastiffs – The World’s Most Terrifyingly Awesome, and Terrifyingly Expensive, Dogs

Few pictures of animals have ever left me in the kind of awe that this one did.  This, ladies and gents, is the Tibetan Mastiff, the most expensive dog in the world.  Most of these giants are not as vicious and terrifying as the one above, which looks like what would happen if a Lion bred with a Wolverine and a Grizzly Bear.  Although they are slightly smaller than their more prevalent and popular cousins, the English Mastiff (Think “BEAST” from The Sandlot), the wild breeds and many living in their native Himalayas are quite ferocious and have even been known to scare away leopards and wolves.  However, many Tibetan Mastiffs are much more docile and well behaved, especially ones bred in China and England, reminiscent of a St. Bernard.

The Tibetan Mastiff is also one of the oldest breeds of dog in the world, with Chinese scientists claiming that they were able uncover a genetic break from wolves 16,000 years prior to when most present day dog  Tibetan Mastiffs are thought to be holy animals, blessing their owners’ health and security. Tibetans believe the dogs have the souls of monks and nuns who were not good enough to be reincarnated as humans or into heavenly realm.

Big Splash – The world’s most expensive dog

This past month, a Chinese coal mogul purchased a Red Tibetan Mastiff named Big Splash for $1.5 million, making it the most expensive dog in the world.  The mantle of World’s Priciest Dog had previously been held by another TIbetan Mastiff named “Red Lion,”  who garnered a purchase price of $1.45 million. According to breeder Lu Liang, Big Splash is a perfect specimen and the extravagant price for the dog is “completely justified”.  He added “We have spent a lot of money raising this dog, and we have the salaries of plenty of staff to pay” – stating that the new owner could charge 10,000 pounds ($15,600+) a time for Big Splash to breed with a female.

Needless to say, that is a damn impressive trick for a dog-gigolo, as they say in the world’s oldest profession (I am guessing).  I think its probably worth the price if the reward is a litter of pups that is as adorable as this little fella.

6 thoughts on “Tibetan Mastiffs – The World’s Most Terrifyingly Awesome, and Terrifyingly Expensive, Dogs

  1. Wow, Im speechless…..I was thinking it could be a superior floor mop until I saw the price tag. 🙂

    • Right?! I can guarantee you would turn some heads with that dog though, and can you imagine cuddling up on the couch with it?? It would probably be even better than a feather bed 🙂

      • Sorry, I am still overwhelmed by the thought of the hair, as in shedding of. Heck, you could lose all kinds of stuff in that coat. Even your coat. And combing….of course, I would have a personal dog groomer to make sure the shedding and coat losing wouldn’t occur. And cuddling? Mouthfuls of hair are not my idea of a good cuddle. Just ask my husband, Mr “Facebear”.

  2. Just a wee bit scary…..

    • Yes they are. When I first saw that picture, I thought it was some animal that had been made up for a summer blockbuster movie! Most of them tend to be pretty loving and docile though, especially if you get them from someone who typically breeds Tibetan Mastiffs.

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    What Is this in a god’s name?

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