NYC Mayor Blames Steve Jobs for Crime

Billionaire, philanthropist, and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has a new theory about the recent crime wave that has hit the city: the iDevice. In other words, the Big Apple is blaming Apple. How’s that for irony! Is this a credible claim though? Well, as I explain below, sort of.

Note: He didn’t actually blame Steve Jobs himself, I took some dramatic license there.

Overall, things are looking up in NYC in terms of crime; homicides and shootings are at an all time low, something that the mayor is particularly proud of. Unfortunately, the overall crime rate is up 3.3%! Luckily, this jump is mostly because of theft and not violent crime. Finally, by far the most stolen item this year has been iPhones, iPods, and other iDevices. In fact, there have been 3,890 more iThefts this year. Without these iThefts, though, there would have been an overall decrease in the crime rate. Maybe people need to start using Find My iPhone more? And iNeed to end this article before iFind any more awful ways to use that naming convention.


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