Living in a Nuclear Silo

For Sale: very large home located on 105 acres in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. This complex features a private runway, a log cabin, and an extensive basement. With plenty of privacy and only minutes away from great hiking, fishing, and hunting, this home is truly an outdoorsman’s dream.

Note — Home used to contain intercontinental ballistic missile and nuclear warhead capable of destroying Moscow.

That’s right – this home actually used to be a nuclear silo. During the glory days of nuclear proliferation, nuclear silos dotted the maps of both the United States and the Soviet Union – most of them hidden so as to maintain a nuclear deterrent should the Cold War ever turn hot. While we may never know how many are/were active in America, the number is estimated to be about 300 by the end of the Cold War. However, probably less than half of those are currently active. So WHAT to DO with all the extra silos??? (Said the government.)

The answer is to sell them, of course!

At any given time it seems like there are about half a dozen of these properties on the market. Most were probably acquired decades ago but then renovated into luxurious (albeit unconventional) homes for the enterprising individual or family. The particular home described in the introduction housed Atlas F Missiles, which first flew during the Kennedy Administration. In addition to the beautiful log cabin above the ground, approximately 20,000 square feet of living space below ground occupy what was formerly a launch control center designed to send death and destruction towards the other side of the world – not to mention the actual tube in the ground where the missile itself sat. Best of all, this facility was built in 1958 for $18 million dollars, or $142 million today. However, it is on sale for only $2 million, 71 times less the construction cost (and it is actually livable now!).

I’ll be honest – one of these homes may top my list of things to buy if I ever win the powerball lottery. I mean, could you imagine throwing a party in one of these things? Seven stories of dance floors, no neighbors for miles around, and a sealed bunker just in case the zombie apocalypse happens before your guests leave. What more could you ask for?

To see some current listings for silo homes, do a Google search or start here.


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