Hotels at the Edge of the World

Want to get away? These hotels will help you do that. In fact, they will get you away from almost everything – not just people, towns, and traffic, but also any luxury of the modern world. Still, if you desire serenity and a one-of-a-kind experience, think about taking a trip to stay at some of these hotels on the edge of the world.

Longitude 131°, Australia

Situated close to the famous landmark Ayers Rock in the middle of the Australian Outback, Longitude 131° is one of the most unique experiences available to outdoor enthusiasts and travelers alike. It is accessible only be a three to four hour flight from Sydney, Perth, or Cairns, followed by a four-wheel drive to the property. Comprised of 15 bungalow-like huts and a main pool-side building, this destination resort offers luxury dining under the stars, camel riding, and even private Harley tours.

Hotel Arctic – Greenland

Known as the world’s most northerly four-star hotel, Hotel Arctic takes the prize as one of the most remote in the world. With 87 rooms and five igloos, it is found close to the town of Illusat, roughly 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Built and owned by Air Greenland primarily to house tourists, it won’t necessarily put you far from the aproximately 4,500 people living in town, but will still offer an incredible setting among the Greenlandic fjords  and ice fields found throughout the country. But don’t worry; if freezing your butt off is not your idea of your ideal vacation, there is still plenty of luxury available – including the renowned Restaurant Ulo serving authentic Greenlandic cuisine.

Hotel Salto Chico – Chile

Located in the remote Torres del Paine National Park, this Niagra-esque location will place you at one of the highest elevations available from luxury hotels around the world. Waterfalls and Chilean peaks may inspire you to take one of several hiking tours available to visitors, both by foot and by horseback. The Patagonia region is one of the southernmost inhabited regions in the world, making this hotel perhaps the closest to the edge of the world of the ones on our list.

The Rania Experience – Maldives

As emphasized by the name, this destination in the Maldives is not a hotel; it is an experience. For between $10,000 – $15,000 per night, you can rent one of these exclusive islands accessible only by boat or sea plane. However, this life-changing experience would not be complete without a full range of activities and amenities, including traditional Maldive fishing and your own private butler and chef. Oh yeah, and did I mention that you will have your own private island?

The Mountain Lodges – Peru

Designed for the outdoor enthusiast and hiker, these lodges are designed for a point-to-point trek to Machu Picchu. During the trek, you visitors actually decrease elevation from about 12,000ft to 6,000ft above sea level, stopping at one of four luxurious lodges along the way. This guided adventure and hotel combo will take you through the beautiful Peruvian mountains, culminating in a stop at the legendary hidden city of Machu Picchu


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  1. These all look like incredible getaways!!! Have you seen the earth ships?

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