Apple Maps…Can KILL You [Updated]

Whether you love Apple or hate Apple, it is universally agreed upon that its new Apple Maps app (Still) royally sucks.  And now, not only is it funky and confusing, but in some cases it can get you so lost that you will be left fighting for your life!!

According to an article on CNN today, Apple Maps placed the city of Mildura, Australia forty miles from its actual location deep in the Australian Outback.  FORTY MILES!!  Police have had to rescue travelers who have been stranded in the desert for hours, wilting away in 114 degree temperatures.  In some some cases, these people have wandered throughout the Outback, risking being attacked by wild Dingoes  just in order to get cellular service so they could call out for their rescue!

Obviously, this is pretty disturbing if you have an iPhone and rely on it as your GPS.  So how can you avoid melting in the desert heat faster than a Wicked Witch who has water dumped on her?  Download another navigation app.  There are hundreds of choices to choose from in the app store, and although google maps unfortunately is not one of them, there are many other suitable replacements.  Two of the top free apps include Waze and good old Mapquest.  And if you are dissatisfied with these, there are rumors of Google Maps becoming available again in the App Market.  That, or you could just find a friend with an Android phone to act as your Magellan so you no longer have to even worry about it!  Problem = Solved.

UPDATED: As of 12/12/12, Google Maps is once again available in the Apple Store.  You may breath a sigh of relief, download it, and go on about your day knowing that the likelihood of you getting lost has just decreased DRAMATICALLY.


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