The Biggest Yellowfin Tuna Ever [Updated]

When I eat tuna – whether it be out of a can or in a delicious sushi roll – I forget just how MASSIVE these things are. Well, prepare to feast your eyes…this may be the largest tuna ever caught and documented by human kind.

This legendary catch was reeled in by John Petruescu on his first fishing expedition, a 16-day voyage to the Hurricane Bank nearly 1,000 miles west of San Diego. He fought for roughly two hours to haul the massive yellowfin tuna onto the decks of the Excel. The skipper has since revealed that the tuna was estimated as weighing 459 pounds by the “tape” method, which can be inaccurate; conservatively, they have claimed that it weighs 400 pounds, which would still put it up there with the largest ever.

Unfortunately, this catch is not eligible to hold the world record for largest ever caught by rod and reel, because a deckhand touched the rod while John was fighting to bring the fish aboard. That means that the current record of 427.9 pounds will stand – but still, it is pretty damn impressive.

On a side note, current market prices for yellowfin tuna are around $20/lb, meaning that this catch could be worth upwards of $9,000. Not bad, John!

UPDATE – The tuna weighed in at 445 pounds. Pretty damn impressive. Sushi for daaaays!


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